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A Samsung lcd monitors is an electronic visual monitor for personal computers. All computer monitors includes the device for view, box and electronic circuitry. Firstly monitors were made for visual data processing and television recipients for leisure; more and more personal computers are being used in cooperation for information processing and amazon. Monitors exclusively for information manage have a tendency an piece proportion of 4:3; for leisure are usually 16:9 widescreen, from time to time a compromise is used, with proportion 16:10.

LCD monitors have next advantages: fantastically small and light, minimal power consumption, without geometric deformation, small or no flash depending on applied technology. Also they have next disadvantages: narrow point of view, that changes brightness, color, contrast, saturation to differ, flow of bleed and rough backlighting in several monitors, causing brightness deformation, more than ever toward the edges, slow answer period, which cause smudge and spectre artifacts, new samsung lcd monitor have response period of 2 - 4 ms.

The display device in modern computer monitors is usually TFT (thin film transistor) or also known as LCD(liquid crystal display) thin panel, while previous monitors use a CRT (cathode ray tube), commonly they deep as the monitor size.

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